Work Out Dengan atau Tanpa Pakaian Dalam?

Dzargon – Apakah kita harus mengenakan pakaian dalam saat sedang work out? Mungkin ada dua pendapat yang lazim dalam kasus ini yakni beberapa orang merasa nyaman saat mengenakan Underwear saat olahraga namun sebagaian lainnya merasa sangat tidak nyaman.

Kalau kamu tim yang mana? Tim Pakai Underwear atau Tim Tanpa Underwear.

Sebelum memilih ternyata masalah ini sudah dibahas oleh banyak praktisi dan pakar yang berkaitan baik itu mereka yang praktisi work out maupun peneliti kesehatan.

Tim Tanpa Pakaian Dalam

Jika kamu merasa nyaman work out tanpa mengenakan pakaian dalam seperti celana dalam dan bra maka kamu tidaklah sendirian. Bahkan banyak fitness yang menyediakan pakaian olahrga dengan built in underwear di celana olahraga mereka. BIasanya di dearah selangkangan celana tersebut dilapisi lagi dengan kain katun agar lebih tebal sedikit. Gunanya untuk menyerap keringat berlebih di area sensitif.

Jadi bisa tetap merasa nyaman tanpa pakain dalam selama berolahrag dan tanpa harus was-wasa bakteri dari keringat berlebih.

Tim Dengan Pakaian Dalam

Bagi tim yang suka work sambil mengenakan pakaian dalam mungkin memiliki pertimbangan ilmiah yakni Mikroba dan Bakteri. Pakaian dalam akan memberikan lapisan tambahan antara kuliat anda danouter wear yang berarti akan menyerap lebih banyak keringat.

Tanpa lapisan ini bakteri dan kuman ini bisa membuat resiko infeksi area sensitif meningkat. Bahkan bagi wanita, Work Out tanpa celana dalam meningkatkan resioko iritasi vagina. Kondisi tanpa pakaian dalam membuat gesekan antara kulit dan pakaian luar akan meningkat.

The argument for underwear

Most women sweat to some degree while working out and that can lead to discharge. Some women also experience a little incontinence while exercising. Having that extra layer of clothing may help you feel cleaner.

What to do?
Whether you prefer to wear underwear or not while you exercise is completely up to you. Yes, there are a few health risks to consider when making your decision. Cleanliness is definitely the No. 1 concern to keep in mind. “The use of underwear while exercising is a matter of personal preference,” said Pamela Perry, personal trainer and manager of Zen Fitness. “The important factor to remember is that the material next to your skin (be it underwear, compression pants or gym shorts) should be breathable, with moisture-wicking capabilities.”

Regardless of your preferences, the best way to prevent irritations and infections is to change out of sweaty clothes as soon as you can and take a shower. Not only is it healthier but you will smell good, too!

Which underwear style is ideal to wear during a workout?
Thongs and cheekies may not leave women with visible panty lines, but both of those styles typically fit tighter than other types of underwear and often move around. Consider a style that tends to stay put, like bikini, boy short or hip hugger.

David Bank, M.D., founder and director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, explained that your choice of underwear style is crucial when it comes to your workout gear. Thongs “…tend to slide back and forth while you exercise,” said Dr. Bank. “All of this friction and heat can lead to UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and vaginal bacterial infections, regardless of the fabric.”

The key for men is to look for workout bottoms or underwear that provide support without being too constrictive. Most running shorts offer built-in support, but if not, consider wearing boxer briefs or trunks.

Which underwear material is best to wear during a workout?
Cotton seems to be the most exercise-friendly material to wear, as it is completely breathable and lightweight. Satin and lace often rub and cause irritation and neither one is a breathable material. These days you can actually find underwear that is moisture or sweat wicking and made to be worn specifically during exercise. This option is definitely one of the best!


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