Mengapa Pria Sangat Menyukai Dada Wanita – Diulas dari Sudut Pandang Sains

Dzargon – Salah satu pertanyaan yang paling populer diajukan oleh pria dan wanita dewasa adalah “Mengapa pria suka dengan payudara wanita?” Jawaban paling mudah adalah payudara wanita dianggap memiliki daya tarik seksual, karena pria adalah mahluk visual yang sangat mudah terpesona melalui pandangan.

Namun apakah semua hanya disebabkan oleh sisi visual saja?

Menurut penelitian ilmiah, Payudara adalah bagian yang paling disukai oleh wanita, meskipun sebagian pria juga menyukai bentuk bokong yang bulat akan tetapi bagian dada tetap nomor satu. Namun ada alasan lain selain sisi visual ada aspek lain yang menentukan selera pria terhadap bentuk visual dari payudara wanita yang mereka sukai.

Hasil studi menunjukkan bahwa

Mengapa pria suka memandang dada wanita? Yah daya tarik seksual dari Payudara wanita bagi pria memang sudah bukan rahasia lagi, akan tetapi hal tersebut terkadang tidak berlaku bagi semua pria, karena beberapa pria justru menyukai bentuk bokong bulat yang indah. Yang pasti, Pria ada mahluk visual yang sangat mudah terpantik hanya dari sisi penampilan.

Hanya saja dari sudut pandang sains, Visualisasi bukan satu-satunya alasan mengapa Pria menyukai Payudara, ada banyak alasan kompleks yang berhubungan dengan masalah ini. Misalnya saja, beberapa pria mungkin akan dengan mudah menjadi on fire ketika melihat buah dada dengan ukuran besar namun beberapa pria lainnya lebih menyukai wanita dengan ukuran dada yang sedang-sedang saja.

Akan tetapi jika anda seorang pria dan membaca artikel ini, anda mungkin sadar bahwa terkadang akan bergairah dengan ukuran kecil namun pada kondisi tertentu anda juga bisa dengan mudah menjadi tegang ketika melihat ukuran yang besar. Hampir sama dengan selera makan, kecenderungan presepsi pria mengenai buah dada yang indah itu berubah-ubah.

Berdasarkan penelitian psikologis ternyata selera pria mengenai buah dada bergantung dari kondisi ekonomi, lapar dan kesehatan. Paling tidak ada penelitian sains di balik pendapat ini dengan tema bagaimana pria menyukai bentuk dan ukuran

But the science behind why men are attracted to breasts shows that men’s relationship with them is more complicated than just keeping their eyes “up there.” Some guys might love and be turned on by staring at big boobs. Plenty more love breasts that are average in size. While there’s no right or wrong predilection, what you find attractive may reveal surprising things about other parts of your life, from financial security to fatherhood. In fact, how you get turned on by female boobs could make the difference between you being poor, hungry, or healthy, research suggests. Like breasts, studies on how men relate to them come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more robust than others. But the following should at least give you something constructive to ogle as you ask yourself the very important question: Why do guys like boobs?

Most Guys Like Average Boob Sizes

Average breasts for the win! People tend to think that men fantasize about larger breasts, but most men actually prefer medium-sized boobs. (So do women, which makes sense considering they’re the ones carrying the load throughout the day.) Studies suggest that most men are attracted to C cup-sized breasts. However, one’s amount of sexual activity can skew this. Men who prefer to sleep around are more likely to think big boobs are attractive, one study shows.

Being a Dad Changes How You Think About Boobs

Being attracted to larger breasts can indicate many things, but one of the more surprising desires it may represent is for fatherhood, research suggests. One study found that men who didn’t have kids but wanted them generally lusted after larger boobs. Dudes who had no familial aspirations were content with smaller sets.

In this case, dads who like big boobs can breathe a sigh of relief: Your preference doesn’t mean you’re a creep, or sexist. When cornered by your partner, calmly explain that it’s a physical manifestation of wanting what’s best for your kids. (Hey, we’re not saying she’ll buy it, but at least it might be the truth.)

How Much Money You Make Influences Your Boob Preferences

If you’re a guy who likes small boobs, you’re probably rich, one paper suggests. Published in The Journal of Socio-Economics, the researchers found that men with less financial stability gravitate toward larger breasts, while wealthier men are more attracted to smaller bazongas. So kick back with your cash and enjoy the itty bitty titty committee.ADVERTISEMENT

Don’t Look at Boobs on an Empty Stomach

Don’t worry, it’s not because you’ll want to breastfeed. The aforementioned study also found that boob preferences are broadly related to available resources. When men are satiated, they’re less drawn to huge knockers. The study also found that men who prefer big breasts tend to be more sexist than others. Hungry and sexist? It’s going to be a long, lonely night.

Staring at Boobs Might Help You Live Longer

There’s some evidence that staring at boobs may increase a man’s longevity. (Again, we are not suggesting your partner will accept this when you explain it, but it’s still worth a try.) An earlier study found that positive thinking had a positive effect on long-term health choices, particularly when it came to taking blood pressure medication. Although not all experts are convinced, others have concluded that looking at boobs is one such way to achieve a positive mental attitude.

Another German study concurred that looking at boobs for 10 minutes a day was good for a man’s cardiovascular health. All of these benefits, of course, only exist if the boob-gazing is permitted. Otherwise, staring at boobs on the sly can significantly shorten your life. If you catch our drift. ADVERTISEMENTMore Stuff You’ll Love:


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